The ilovereadin' Library

The library started in 2009. Since then, over 343548 books have been borrowed by over 9065 members. We've based out of Adyar, Chennai. In cities other that Chennai, we operate via franchisee partners - M/s ikitaab Web in Delhi.

The library was started by Amrutash and Sahil. Amrut is an alumni of IIT-Madras and worked at Hindustan Unilever before starting up. The library in Chennai is run by Simran C. The library at Delhi is operated by Mrs. Shefali G. We pride ourselves as being a library run by people who love books. All our librarians and library managers have been voracious readers. We read a lot of books, not just stare at the bookcovers. We don't read the summary on Wikipedia or scan the reviews on Amazon and pretend to have read the book! If you love books too, and want to talk to us, you just have to call us or email us and we'll start a conversation.

The Library Community

In 2014, I approved a deal to sell the library to another company - who I believed will be able to grow the library better than I could. But, the deal failed at the last minute. Subsequently, I was unable to keep the library going financially. So I decided to close it down.

Almost immediately, our members wrote back saying that they don't want us to close. Instead, these members and patrons donated money to us to stay afloat in bunches of 5, 10 and 15K - (in chronological order) - Bharath, Saurabh, Sreenidhi, Ravi Menon, Nethra, Shyamala, Sachi, CR, Kundhavi, Selvapandian, Aarthi, John Manickem, Joseph George, Karthika, Arun Kumar, Dhanush, Ashwini, Dhanashekaran, Murali Avanamuthu, Vaishali, Jayaraman PV, Lavanya Prasad, Mina Dilip, Prescilla Jebaraj, Aparna shekar, Meenakshi R and Soumya.

I am in debt of these guys. Most of these guys - we know them only through the library. They didn't need to help us out. But they did. And not only did they put in the money when it was needed, they also supported us emotionally by letting us know that we were loved. They provided us the strength to carry on through a very rough patch.

As a library member, and in our transactions with you, I hope we are able to communicate to you that this is a house made of love. And that you're a part of a lovely community.

by Amrut Aug 24, 2015

Book Lovers' Program for Schools

The team at MultiStory Learning Pvt Ltd (which owns The ilovereadin' Library) also runs the amazing Book Lovers' Program for Schools (BLPS).

BLPS is designed to help schools get their children to love to read storybooks. We operate in tons of schools in south India and are constantly expanding. This is our website:

by Amrut Aug 24, 2015

Ms Moochie and the Little Book Lovers Reading Series

The team at MultiStory Learning Pvt Ltd (which owns The ilovereadin' Library) also owns the MsMoochie imprint.

Ms Moochie prints books for kindergarten, primary and middle school. All our books are available to lend in the library, and to purchase on Details are available on this website:

Our best selling titles are - Quiz Quest and Aditi Zoo by Amrut, Ramu's Ride and Dev Likes to Help by Karishma; and our short story collections - Too Cool for School, Taxi Ride and Other Spooky Stories and Tavelling Light.

by Amrut Aug 24, 2015